New York: Citizen Body Armor BAN Proposal to Start Off 2021

body armor
Do they think THIS is what civilian body armor is or something?

A new bill introduced to outlaw body armor in New York would make it illegal for civilians to purchase body armor and could find them guilty even if they have owned body armor for years.

If the bill is passed, body armor owners would be required to turn in their life-saving gear at law enforcement agencies such as local or state police, FBI, or DEA.

Failing to surrender their “body vests” within 15 days of the effective date of this new law could have severe repercussions.

What Is the Penalty?

Breaking this new law would result in a class A misdemeanor. Repeat offenders could potentially earn themselves a class E felony, and depending on their circumstances, the penalty could consist of fines, probation, and even up to 4 years in prison.

What Is Your Duty?

You must stop and reflect upon the truth. Body Armor is a Tool of Liberty. You are Free Men. Live as Free Men and oppose this asinine bill.

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  1. The course for conquest of the USA is crystal clear. Weaken the public in every way possible. Disarm them. Take away any and all protection they may have. Reduce their supply of money, food, the TRUTH, religion, piece of mind, all means of survival so that they become 100% depended on the government for life itself. Then with more lies of “caring” give them a free ride to the slaughter. And what makes this even more fun is that YOU elected the scum that facilitated your own demise.

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