People Keep Dying in Chicago as Politicians Stay Stuck on Stupid


The citizens elected you to office, but now your decisions screwed up the local economy. Working Americans left your city to find jobs. You replaced those voters with illegal aliens. After all, you didn’t want your political district hollowed out and eliminated. When you read the papers, or listen outside at night, you’re reminded that gangs shoot about 10 people every night.  So what do you do?


If you’re a Chicago politician, you blame something else, and anyone else, but yourself.


Chicago is a terrible place to do business given the layers of permits, licenses, regulations, taxes, fees and corruption. Small businesses and the middle class left long ago. Faced with that decline, the Chicago solution is to impose higher taxes and more regulations.


A Chicago politician can always blame the Trump economy for Chicago’s failures and its violence..except that the current economy is setting new record highs and taking millions of people off of food stamps. There is even record low unemployment for young minority men.. except in Chicago.


This is Chicago. You’re not hindered by the facts. The reporters won’t correct you.


If some reporter presses you for answers, you can blame racism.. even though minority members make up more than half of the Chicago City Council. Racism is a good enough answer for most reporters.


Chicago violence, year to date, June 27th


  • Shot & Killed: 213
  • Shot & Wounded: 1134
  • Total Shot: 1347


Since the drug gangs are shooting up your city to the tune of about 10 people a day, you can always blame guns.  Well, sort of.  That excuse doesn’t really work either. Blaming guns for Chicago violence means that gun-control laws don’t work since Chicago is the gun control capital of the US. Firearms owner ID cards don’t work. Waiting periods don’t work. Mandatory firearms training doesn’t work. Firearms purchase permits and magazine capacity restrictions don’t work. Regulating gun stores out of Chicago doesn’t work. None of that works because criminals don’t obey the gun control laws.


Tell the reporters that you need more laws anyway. You can always blame guns coming in from some other state..even though those other states don’t have the violence problem you see in Chicago, Illinois.

30 Day Stupidity Trend


If some nosey reporter points out the contradictions in your argument, then make sure you never take a question from that reporter again..and have his car towed and impounded. That is the Chicago way.


You in the back, anyone else have any questions?


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