Same doctors that push SSRI drugs linked to nearly all mass shootings claim all guns should be banned because they cause “violence”

SSRI mass shootings

Conventional chemical medicine purveyors are pushing hard for gun control in America, and it’s not a push for safety, despite what they claim. It’s official: “Gunquacks” are now calling for the ban of all guns in America for our own “safety,” while prescribing the very drugs that are linked to nearly every mass shooting over the past twenty years. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy, but emotions run high after every shooting, thanks to the mass media frenzy that’s backed by gun-grabbing Democrats who want a totalitarian, communist-style, nanny police-state-America as soon as possible.

In order to crush any and all Americans who oppose the Democratic-Socialist-Communist agenda that’s in full swing, the Democrats propagate the same lie across all media: Give up your automatic, military-style weapons to stop all the mass shootings. But the true agenda reveals that the gun-grab legislation really encompasses nearly every gun, including automatics, semi-automatics, rifles, pistols, everything.

Yet, the insidious agenda has been uncovered, so now the plan runs deeper. Since the majority of adult Americans take some form of medication, and many of those prescription pharmaceuticals fall under the umbrella of “psychotropic” medications, the plan is to merge all medical records with gun registration records, and then claim all those medicated for anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, and probably even those on opiate-based drugs, are all mentally unfit to own (and carry) a weapon. The gun-grabbing politicians then work with gunquacks to order “red flags” on every medicated American who owns a gun. Folks, it’s that simple and that evil. Gunquacks are doctors who support the Democrat-Communist tyranny.

The next Holocaust and Civil War begins when U.S. medical records are merged with all gun registrations and “red flags” are then issued by the millions to confiscate all private weapons

How will doctors feel once all guns are monopolized in the hands of a communist government, and that regime unleashes mass genocide to murder a hundred million citizens who are trying to defend the Constitution? Is that what doctors want? Every stadium in America will be a huge emergency “room” for sewing up gun wounds. Put it this way; all those beloved medical doctors in your town or city will be your worse enemy, if they’re not already.

Big Pharma already runs the mass media, the advertisements for drugs, the hospitals, and every medical school. You do know that Adolf Hitler had all the Jews register their guns before he confiscated them all, don’t you? Will you let history repeat itself? The scapegoat this time around will be every American who doesn’t support the “Automatic Weapons Ban.” It’s all a scam and an evil plan to collect every gun possible before the American Holocaust begins.

Stay off “psych” medications and vote out all the gun-grabbing politicians in 2020; it’s our only chance of saving the Republic

The gun grabbers will be working every angle, including staging mass shootings and merging medical records with gun registrations, over the next two years, in order to set up the Draconian regime that will come, fully armed as swat, to your front door before dawn, to take your weapons under the guise of protecting you. Democrats have already threatened to use nuclear weapons on Americans who resist. Hand over all your guns to the insane Democrats or have your family wiped off the face of the Earth. That’s the message from the top.

Now, a new organization called Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) seeks gun-friendly healthcare providers who are well-aware of the Democratic anti-gun political agenda, and who want to help patients protect their Second Amendment rights. There are far too many physicians in America who have already committed boundary violations by pushing anti-gun messages and propaganda on their patients. Just because medical doctors spend eight years in school to learn to sling chemical drugs doesn’t mean they haven’t been brainwashed by the mass media too. DRGO has launched as a referral service to help patients find healthcare providers who don’t support the gun-grabbing regime.

Remember, guns don’t kill people – registered Democrats on SSRI mind-bending drugs with registered weapons kill people. Visit regularly so you can stay informed and be ready for when SHTF, because it’s not a matter of “if” anymore, but when.

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  1. Careful. Directing some to stay off meds could be asking for a lawsuit. I always figured they’d go after anyone with PTSD but was afraid to say it in case.

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