South Dakota Will Become The 14th Constitutional Carry State Tomorrow, After Governor Pledges To Sign Bill

constitutional carry south dakota

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has promised to sign new legislation tomorrow that will allow the concealed carry of a firearm without the need for a permit.

Currently, open carry of firearms is legal in the state, but concealed carry requires a permit.


Tomorrow, South Dakota will become the 14th state to allow constitutional carry.

The bill passed the state House in a 47-23 vote this past Tuesday and the Governor, who took office January 5th, has expressed her support for constitutional carry in the past.


    • It’s too easy to snatch it off of someone’s hip in a crowd while you’re distracted. Concealed is much easier to control. Plus in a robbery they’ll take out who’s obviously packing heat first. Hell, in Brazil they’ll target and kill you just to get your gun.

    • Nice try at sarcasm.
      All it would take is one grown man, or three 14 year old boys, following you and you’re pretty piece around , deciding when to pounce with real predacious deliberation, and make that piece theirs.
      That’s the whole idea of concealed carry.

  1. Open Carry? No way! The last thing I want is for anyone to know that I am armed. (Scenario: Guy walks into store intent on robbing or killing. First thing he notices is that handgun strapped to your side. Quietly walks up behind you and shoots you first from behind). I will Carry Concealed thank you (as I have these past 25 years). And now NH is a Constitutional Carry State (although the Handgun permit is a simple one page form, there are no tests, and it is only $10.00 for 4 years). And since Vermont and Maine are also Constitutional Carry States, I have a 3 state area where I can go armed legally, safe and secure.

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