The Beginning Of The End For President Trump (According To Mainstream News)

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If ever there were coordinated news reporting or scripted programming with exact words, the short video below goes through a timeline of denunciations against the Trump Presidency.

Those coordinated ‘news’ reports set off a time line starting in February of 2017 and go through September 2018 with such repeated phrases as:  Bombshell; Impeachment; It’s really the beginning of the end; The walls are closing in on him; Trump’s gonna resign; and, This is the tipping point!

It’s seriously embarrassing to hear supposedly credentialed journalists parroting someone’s scripted narrative to influence an apparent Democratic/Liberal/Leftist agenda, plus establish a political meme.  But who is/are the wordsmith(s) providing the scripts? Shouldn’t there be a law against that, especially since Hillary wants to find out who influenced her losing the presidency now taking circuitous routes of investigations and ‘planted journalism’?

Ostensibly, Hillary was so pissed off that she lost the election due to the Electoral College and, apparently, has gone into a coordinated retribution mode, in my opinion.  However, if Hillary is a trained lawyer, who should know the U.S. Constitution, she ought to acknowledge the law and legally abide by it in all phases of her professional life, at least.  Where does the Hillary rabbit hole trail end?

What do you think?

Too funny for words: News ‘parrots’ squawking fake news! 
3:22 minutes

I send a gracious hat tip to Alexandra Bruce and Forbidden Knowledge TV on the video.


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  1. Unfortunately, impeachment is very unlikely.

    I say “unfortunately” because this man has made himself a laughingstock through much of the world.

    And he has become the power establishment’s hardest-working booster.

    • Trojan Horse Drumpf was the Rothschild’s Hegelian answer- Drumpster is to the right wingers what Obummer was to the stupid, gullible left wingers. BOTH these clowns are nothing but scripted puppets to appeal to different sides of the cattle goyim who cant and wont accept that BOTH are simply ad campaigns for the same agenda, sponsored by the same 1% zionist elite. lolol Total crock ‘o $hit

  2. Not a big fan of Donald but come on. Impeachment? The last guy (bozo) didn’t even have a US father (can you say Natural Born Citizen) yet everyone tolerated him for 8 years. If they impeach him this country won’t need elections anytime soon. 100 million plus gun owners (?) ~ I think the Leftists will wish they stayed home from that party.

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