The next false flag now being OPENLY pushed by Democrats: They say they need “a new massacre” to succeed with gun control

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Emboldened by ongoing and obvious witch hunts of the president, the co-opting of governmental institutions, Democratic gains in the House, and the dominance of “progressive” ideology in academia and pop culture, the American Left is making a full-on push to steal all remaining power in the country and, when obtained, use it to crush all political opposition.

That is, all conservative, pro-Trump opposition.

Case in point: The Atlantic’s Dick Polman actually suggested in a story published this week that more Americans needed to be slaughtered by a madman so that Democrats could use the “new massacre” to elevate gun control to “a first-tier story.”

It’s thinking like this that would have made “Uncle” Joe Stalin and Adolph Hitler blush. (Related: Dems’ gun control push won’t be enforceable without a national gun registry.)

As reported by Breitbart News, Polman, a contributor to the Left-wing magazine, acknowledged that Democrats took over control of the House in the November midterms with one of their political objectives being new restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Democrats have, indeed, begun their push, introducing legislation that criminalizes private gun sales by requiring Americans to get government permission, via a background check, beforehand.

Gun control fail

However, Breitbart’s Awr Hawkins reports:

Polman notes that the gun control bill did not garner major airplay in the establishment media, leading him to suggest a “new massacre” will be key in getting the push more attention. He wrote: “The Democrats’ championing of gun reform is not currently a first-tier story, but a new massacre would likely make it so.”

Polman lamented that the Jan. 23 SunTrust Bank shooting failed to elevate gun control to the top of Democrats’ political agenda. As Hawkins noted, the real lesson to glean from the murders is that once again, gun control failed to keep Americans safe — and in particular, Florida’s red flag law and waiting periods.

The Democrat Party has transformed itself into an authoritarian party of death. When it isn’t celebrating infanticide in New York, it is praying for Americans to be gunned down over a political agenda. Sick.

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  1. Wonderful! Conservatard gun nuts are whining over their precious wittle guns again, and what’s with you fragile dipshits saying that the “Democratic party is the authoritarian party of death” while you literally want anyone who dares to be darker than white out of this country, even if it means resorting to death. Stay angry you fragile white cucks!

    • Yes, keep screeching the same idiot talking point lies over and over. People know your game and no one cares anymore. You cried racist too many times for too long to it have it any meaning except ‘you disagree with me REEEEEE I must call you names now’. I dont want anyone here illegally, I dont care what color they are, deport them all, fine/arrest employers, get a via work visa system going, same with e-verify. And the government needs to be figure out what it can do to help citizens have families the size they want and be able to afford it instead of looking to just bring in new people to replace them. Is that really so hard for people like you to understand? Do you have any rational argument against these things why what you want is better?

  2. Dick Polman. Another nice jewish boy saying We The People should give up our protection.

    How thoughtful.

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