Trump and America Vs. the Commie Quad Squad


In one sense, the Commie Quad Squad (CQS) has done us all a favor by flushing out the extremism of the Democratic Party for conspicuous public display.

House Leader Nancy Pelosi is quaking in her boots, realizing that it is getting increasingly difficult to hide her party’s radicalism from American voters, many of whom still cling to the fantasy that the Democratic Party is predominantly pro-American.

Pelosi at least has the sense to know this extremism won’t play well in national elections — even today — and she is struggling to cover it up. Her feud with the CQS, to be sure, is about control of the party, but it’s also her effort to allay Americans’ fears that her party has lost its mind — and moral compass.

But the women of the CQS don’t care. They are so adamantly against the America that you and I grew up to love that they will not contain their animus. And they’re arrogant enough to believe that a majority of Americans shares their antipathy.

Pelosi is in a precarious position, desperately seeking to contain the crazy in her party while convincing her rabid base that deep down she shares its craziness — wink, wink. Pelosi knows that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is like a 4-year-old at a restaurant — you just won’t get her to shut up. But unlike many parents, Pelosi can’t just leave the restaurant, and she’d prefer not to make any further public spectacles disciplining her kid in front of the other patrons.

If you doubt that Pelosi is trying to play both sides, then explain, in a paragraph or less, why Pelosi sprinted quickly to the dark side the other day in calling President Trump a racist — and saying that he wants to “make America white again.” Playing the race card is a great way to ingratiate yourself with the race-baiting CQS and its minions.

With the election of Donald Trump, we could safely say that America’s silent majority had awoken from its slumber mad as Hell and not willing to take it anymore. They didn’t pick this fight but now understand that those attacking everything they believe in are relentless and implacable.

Thanks to the CQS, the silent majority has further strengthened its resolve.

Many have assumed that despite President Trump’s remarkable record on policy, he has lost some of his good will with the voters because of his manners and tweets and the rest. That may have been true at the margins, but he has regained whatever ground he lost and more from this dust-up with the CQS. Its members are poster children for the malcontent left — and have placed in stark relief the contrast between the Democrats’ and Republicans’ respective visions for America. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For those of you who believe the two parties still share common goals, I have a treasure chest of pyrite I would like to show you. Just consider the Democrats’ extreme position on abortion, open borders, sanctuary cities, guns, judicial activism, the administrative state, Israel, the America-hating United Nations, socialism, universal health care, entitlements for illegal immigrants, radical environmentalism, forced income equality versus equality of opportunity, identity politics, radical gender ideology, intersectionality, toxic masculinity, multiculturalism, white privilege, reparations, cultural appropriation and patriarchy. I could go on, but then you might not want to read my upcoming book. The point is Pelosi can try to distance herself from the CQS until she’s blue in the face, but she can’t credibly distance her party from its radical positions — there is not a scintilla of moderation remaining in it anymore.

Leftists don’t fight fair, and the Unfair Foursome — er, I mean the CQS — is demonstrating that in spades, as are so many Democratic Party leaders. They cannot debate any issues on the merits anymore; all they can do is smear their opponents — us — with false charges of bigotry. These radicals apparently believe their destructive ideas are so self-evidently superior that they can safely imply that if you oppose them, you are racist. That’s what they have reduced themselves to. It’s sickening, outrageous and sure to keep the American people mad as Hell and unwilling to take it anymore.

There is no downside in bringing this fight to a head now because if a majority of Americans really believe that America-loving Trump supporters, conservatives and Republicans are irredeemable racists, bigots, sexists and homophobes, we are in grave trouble anyway. I’m betting that’s not the case, and as long as the CQS keeps flapping its race-baiting jaws, we are going to have a referendum on this question in 2020.

So, let the CQS continue name calling and exposing itself to the American people.


  1. The Four Communists need to be dethroned out of the House NOW and be permanently banned from the House in the future. They are doing nothing to further the good of America. All they do is follow their Communist handler and his ideas. Those 4 have no brains to put a coherent sentence together on their own but rely on their script to lash out as us. Do we really need this antiAmerican bunch of whores in the House? Bad enough we have Nasty…..

  2. Norm MacDonald quote “My theory is this: People hated Hillary Clinton so much that they voted for someone they hated more than Hillary Clinton in order to rub it in.”

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