Up-to-Date: How to Be Ready for an Emergency


When you are a young adult who is living on your own for the first time, you must understand how to prepare for an emergency. A variety of emergencies can occur in your region, including hurricanes, wildfires or a blizzard, so you should make sure that you have an assortment of emergency supplies.


Bottled Water

Keep a supply of bottled water at your home to have when an emergency occurs that can lead to a lack of clean drinking water. You can buy huge bottles to fill with water from your own faucets, but you should replace this water every few months. Alternatively, you can buy bottled water that is sealed to protect it from contamination. Remember that you need a minimum of eight glasses of water each day for each person in your home, and you will require additional water for cooking or cleaning.


Nonperishable Foods

When the power goes off in an emergency, you will need a supply of nonperishable foods that are easy to consume without cooking. Experts recommend having bagged or canned foods that have a long shelf life. Some of the foods that you can have ready are canned fruits, vegetables and meats. You can also eat other foods such as saltines or cereals that don’t require any cooking. Don’t forget to have a can opener that you can use to open the canned foods.


Getting WaterFirst-Aid Kit

During an emergency, it is easy for an accident to occur, and you may not have access to professional medical care. You should have a first-aid kit in your home that contains supplies such as antiseptics, bandages and pain relievers. If you or someone in your family has a chronic medical condition, then you should have a supply of prescription medications for the problem. In addition, you should take a first-aid class to learn skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Functioning Radio


When a weather emergency or catastrophic event occurs, you may not have access to a television to watch the news, but with a functioning radio, you can learn if you need to evacuate a region. Don’t rely on an electric radio during an emergency, but you can find battery-operated or hand crank radios that will operate without electrical power. Work with a company like Altech Electronics or someone similar in your area to find something that will meet your needs. Keep your functioning radio near your other emergency supplies so that you can find everything that you need right away.


Have a Satchel for Carrying Emergency Supplies


It is important to have a backpack or satchel for carrying some of your emergency supplies when you need to leave an area. While you won’t be able to transport all of your emergency supplies while leaving an area on foot, you can probably carry three to five days’ worth of items to maintain your health until you reach a safety zone.



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