Virginia School Board Votes to Arm School Staff

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A school board in Lee County, Virginia voted to arm school staff. That makes 19 states with programs in place. Summertime is when most teachers and staff are available for training. Across the country, hundreds of school staff will take their first classes to become armed defenders. Others will take the advanced classes that are only available to staff who’ve been armed in school for the past year. Fortunately, preparations don’t stop there.

Armed staff can quickly stop a murderer in our schools.

Precious seconds can save the next victim from being injured. Stopping the murderer also allows school staff to treat the wounded until EMTs arrive. More good news is that we’ve seen a surge in school staff who want to learn emergency trauma care. While armed staff is controversial in some states, emergency medical treatment isn’t. Every school can have trauma care training in a month.

Have you asked your local school how many staff are trained and equipped to provide trauma care?

Virginia law makes it unnecessarily difficult to arms school staff. The Lee County sheriff had to designate selected school staff as “peace officers” so that they may carry on school grounds. That leaves most Virginia students unprotected.

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  1. The Dems are against this, mostly because they know that when it works, and there are no more school shootings in places where faculty and staff are armed, it will put the lie to their propaganda.

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