What’s really going on when you hear the words ‘public policy’

government power
Policy, laws and compliance

Government creates and molds “public policy” to promote its political agenda. Change agents invented the concept of “public policy” to disguise authoritarianism by making it seem palatable.

But before something becomes official and “public policy,” it begins as unofficial public policy. In the beginning or unofficial stage, the government and its politicians appear to be silent or neutral on an issue. All appears to be spontaneous, coming from grass roots idealism. For example, infant murder began under the altruistic sounding words “family planning” and “planned parenthood.” As always in such chicanery, these words are totally misleading. But they have worked their charm on lukewarm church-going Americans. Not one in 10,000, when they hear the words “planned parenthood,” thinks of child murder.

In the beginning stages of creating the public mind to accept the formulation of public policy, it all has an aura of free expression and “free choice.”

Fourteen years ago in my printed newsletter, The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) I published a list of things and thoughts that all governments – especially the U.S. government – want and are skillfully maneuvering for. These were things that were already or about to become unofficial public policy and destined to become public policy. Here’s the list:

  • Make Christianity just “another religion.”
  • Mongrelize religions into a New World Order brotherhood of man and “love.”
  • Group control individualism or individualism vs. “the greater good.”
  • “Same sex marriages,” an expression of sodomy.
  • Thought and language control.
  • Feminization of males.
  • Wide promotion of the contradictory term Judeo-Christian.
  • Absolute medical control.
  • Book burning to erase truths from the public mind/mind control.
  • Multiculturalism.
  • British Israelism — Zionism under a Christian front.
  • Use of patriotism as a front for increasing control of the American people.
  • Organized religion a tool of the system.
  • No-win wars/control all sides.
  • Public education to control the public mind.
  • Military industrial complex is part of the fascist state.
  • Destruction of the family unit — transfer children to the state de facto.
  • Euthanasia to limit aging population except for the elite.
  • Destroy Social Security gradually.
  • Keep the public from preserving their savings with propaganda against gold and silver.
  • Abortion/murder of the unborn as birth control.
  • Synthetic vitamins as chemical food.
  • Wars perpetually.
  • Paper money to enslave and steal the savings of the middle class.
  • Reduce and destroy the middle class.
  • Illegal immigration.
  • Free love.
  • Promote drugs (legal and illegal) and criminality.
  • Commercial food processors to manufacture and sell synthetic foodless foods.
  • Mass immunization and inoculations.
  • Kill inheritances.
  • Propaganda on every subject originated by the state.
  • Use of created myths and counter myths to confuse the people.
  • Dumb down the population with public education.
  • International New World Order.
  • Wide use of the word “democracy” to cover for state fascism — same as Nazi Germany.
  • Gun control for noncitizens.
  • Secret societies.
  • Medication of water and food with legalized food poison like chlorine and aspartame.
  • Destroy Christian morality and the Ten Commandments so the people don’t know right from wrong.
  • Confiscate real property with taxes.
  • Control agriculture by creating agrifarms using hybrid seeds.
  • Use herbicides, pesticides, etc. to kill the land and cause estrogen dominance (cancer).
  • Democrat/Republican — uniparty.
  • Create obsession with sports and Hollywood frivolity.
  • Mass litigation to funnel wealth to a privileged society that holds titles of nobility, namely lawyers.
  • Control all local and State police with secret societies.
  • Promote obesity and diabetes through soft drinks made from high fructose corn syrup… placing vending machines in public schools and businesses.
  • Destruction of respect for human life and silent promotion of pedophilia.

These things have now been accomplished under the concept of public policy.

The term “public policy” is a very innocent and disarming term which in reality is the very opposite of what the public thinks it is. It is used to normalize all manner of social depravity and immorality.

My old copy of Black’s Law Dictionary defines public policy this way: “That principle of the law which holds that no subject (that’s you) can lawfully do that which has a tendency to be injurious to the public or against the public good. The principles under which the freedom of contract or private dealings is restricted by law for the good of the community. The term ‘policy,’ as applied to a statute, regulation, rule of law, course of action, or the like, refers to its probable effect, tendency, or object considered with reference to the social or political well-being of the state…” The online version defines it as, “The policies that have been declared by the state that covers the state’s citizens. These laws and policies allow the government to stop any action that is against the publics’ interest. There may not be a specific policy that an action pertains to to (sic) but if it is not deemed good for the public it will be quashed.”

No benefits accrue to the people from “public policy.” But governments accrue more control over the people under the guise of public policy. This is of course contrary to general knowledge.

When politicians and bureaucrats talk about democracy and public policy, they speak with a forked tongue. They want you to believe that these terms refer to personal liberty. They do not, and the politician knows that they do not. They know that they refer to the police power and enforcement of state authority over the individual. They are code words for government force.

“Government is not reason; it’s not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it’s a dangerous servant and a fearful master…” George Washington.

When someone starts talking about public policy, hold on to your wallet. Hold on to your kids. Hold onto your liberties. Watch the glaze that comes over people’s eyes and the blank stares that cloud over their faces as they prepare to sacrifice their and other people’s liberty, wealth and children on the altar of “the public good” over the latest “public policy.”

The messianic state, also known as the nanny state, legislates away our freedoms one by one, promising security in return and even deliverance from every modern problem under the guise of public policy. Remember, everything that is public policy is politically correct and everything that is politically correct is public policy.

This is how governments ensure conformity and control.